Andrew Felder and his children.

The Monroe County Treasurer is custodian of all county funds, chairman of the landbank, and deals with undeveloped and disused properties in the county. Andrew’s clear priorities and strong values make him the best candidate for this office.

Why are you running for Monroe County Treasurer?

Service is ingrained in Andrew’s DNA. A vast majority of his family are doctors, nurses, teachers, and members of the military. They have dedicated both their time and talents to serving their communities. It is his hope to follow in their footsteps, create a positive change, and continue serving his home community in this new position.

Additionally, Andrew believes he possess the necessary qualifications and experience to do well in this position. As a data analyst at Ford he leverages internal data systems to provide insight into future program cost targets. Working with various teams he analyzes financial data and provides both forecasts and cost estimations. These skills will enable him to work with those within the County Treasurer’s Office and the Township Treasurers and make informed decisions with regards to financial policy. Andrew also has experience in elected office. He has served on the Monroe City Council since 2018. As a City Councilor, He has listened to and represented the citizens of Monroe, proposed and passed local policy, and helped to navigate the city through crises such as revenue changes and the COVID-19 pandemic. This experience will allow him to represent Monroe County in conscientious, honest, and transparent way.

What are your main priorities and goals if elected?

County Financial Security: As custodian of the county’s funds, I will work with the County Administration and Board of Commissioners to ensure the county’s financial security and provide flexibility to the budget through the Investment Policy. The Treasurer’s Office will need to account for the economic impact of the pandemic coupled with DTE’s property reassessment. I will prioritize shorter-term maturity investments making budgetary adjustments possible as needed.

Economic Development: During my time on City Council, I pursued an aggressive policy of redeveloping the city. As Treasurer, I would use the role as chairman of the land bank to help redevelop our communities and revitalize our neighborhoods.

Interjurisdictional Cooperation: Serving on Council has provided me with several opportunities to cooperate with the county and townships on many projects. These include expanding water distribution to the townships and a land swap with Frenchtown among others. I plan to continue coordinating with township Treasurers through open and frequent communication.

Working with Residents: I will continue the Treasurer’s policy of working with residents through payment plans with the goal of keeping families in their homes. I plan to increase awareness of the assistance plans available and connect people to these resources. I intend to work with the Treasurer’s Office team to modernize the online resources giving residents easy access to critical information. And I promise to be both welcoming and accessible to all residents of Monroe County.

What challenges will the Treasurer’s Office face because of the pandemic and how can they be addressed?

First and foremost is ensuring the safety of our residents and employees. As a member of city council, Andrew and his colleagues enacted nine resolutions in response to COVID-19. These resolutions aimed to protect our community, guide the reopening of the city, and assist local businesses. He plans to use this experience to safeguard our community.

Second, the economic impact of the pandemic coupled with DTE’s property reassessment will need to be handled. The Treasurer’s Office must maintain an investment policy which accounts for these changes. As a city councilor, in response to DTE’s tax reassessment, Andrew and his colleagues put over $3 million into a reserve fund without layoffs or raising property taxes. He will use this balanced approach to help safely navigate Monroe County through this pandemic.

What values will guide you in this position?

Family: Andrew’s hope is to ensure Monroe County continues to be a wonderful place for his children, Teddy and Emmy, to grow-up.

Community Driven: Andrew believes that communities, and the people who make them up, provide support, resources, and connections. He plans to reach out to the community, be guided by their concerns and needs, and serve them to the best of his ability.

Balanced Approach: Ensuring fiscal responsibility in Monroe County requires consideration of both the overall budgetary issues and the financial concerns of businesses and individuals. He will pursue a policy approach which protects the finances and the people of Monroe County.

Experience: Experience in financial management, service, and community engagement are absolutely necessary to being a successful County Treasurer. Andrew will utilize his experience as a data analyst at Ford, a City Councilor of Monroe, and an active member of the community to aid him in this position.

Honesty: Finally, Andrew strives to be open, honest, and transparent. He believes that community trust can only exist when these are present. He encourages members of the community to discuss the critical issues facing our Monroe County with him and he will provide honest responses. He plans to bring all of these values with him to office.